Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

Mother’s Day Exclusive Box

MYSS Virtual Classes – Mother’s Day Exclusive Box

You might be thinking: Gosh, darn, nothing this year from the kiddos for Mother’s Day because they aren’t at school?!

WRONG!!! We won’t let that happen! We’ve created a Mother’s Day EXCLUSIVE box for next week to celebrate you, Momma! We make it super easy for you by sending a MYSS Virtual Class Box with all the supplies that your child will need to join in on the fun, labeled and ready to use.

You might be thinking: Well, what about my child and their age? Is it age appropriate?

Well: This is appropriate for children 3-12 years old.

You might be thinking: What are they going to be making?

Well: In each session, they will be making a Home-Made Card, a Creative Craft, and a Special Surprise. We can’t tell you everything! It is Mother’s Day and a surprise is to be had and enjoy.

You might be thinking: When are these classes happening? Is my child is in zoom school all day?

Well: Classes will be held over zoom on Wed, May 6th @ 4pm and Fri, May 8th @ 4pm. This Mother’s Day Exclusive Pop-Up Virtual Class will run for 60-90 minutes. Both classes are the same, you get to choose the day that works best for you.

You might be thinking: Well, what if my child misses the session?

Well: Don’t worry! The sessions will be recorded and sent to you so cam get to it when you can. This way you will use the materials on your own time and get to enjoy our session at your convenience!

Hurry! Registration closes the Mon, May 4th so we can get you a MYSS Mother’s Day Exclusive Box to your doorstep in time for our classes on Wed & Fri!

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