Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

This Teacher Appreciates…

So many emotions on Sunday! I remember being in college and volunteering at the Hoboken Music & Arts Festivals as an APO Brother and helping out vendors. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be one! I’ve always looked to small business owners with such admiration. Fast forward a bunch of years… I rekindled with so many people who have played such an integral role over these past 16 years, so surreal. AND (some of) the team and I proudly represented Miss Yvonne Swim School at our booth!

So this week, I’d like to make sure to share my appreciation to all those who have taught me along the way!

Hoboken: you taught me to never give up. It all started right after graduating 8th grade and begging my mom for swim lessons after jumping into the pool while trying to be a cool teenager, but I didn’t know how to swim. Luckily, I was rescued, and my heart was set on learning to swim. Soon after, I took swim lessons and my instructor told me to pick a different sport. I’ll never forget him and what he taught me, resilience!

Mami & Papi: as first generation American, their story of fighting for freedom and emigrating to this country for freedom has taught me so much. Thanks for teaching me to fight for what you believe in!

The swimmers: you have taught me that there are no two people who will learn the same way. No matter if you take the short route, the long route or something in between, with handwork, consistency and dedication, the destination will always be the same! You’ve also taught to be keep smiling and not take life too seriously! =)

My amazing staff: I would not be here without you. I’ve learned how to grow what I love because of you. I’ve learned how to sit back and watch while having confidence in the process. Thanks for teaching me how to be a girl boss!

Everyone else, no matter how big or small: from a quick smile or simple words like “good job” to help turn around a less than perfect day. To the people who have spent countless sushi dinners, late nights planning for what is to come next, proofreading marketing materials or anything else- trust me, it was not so small! I wouldn’t be here without you. I’ve learned to be grateful for the little things, for one day, they will be big things.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, I appreciate you, I love you!

Happy Swimming…

~Miss Yvonne

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