Summer Swim Gear Must Haves
Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Summer & Swim Gear…

I know what you’re thinking, “Summer is just around the corner and I want my child to have the right gear!” Here’s our compiled list of items we use at camp on the daily* and a few other hot items and why we love them:


  1. Floatation device*: The Swim Bubble we love this because it truly is a progressive learn to swim device, while incorporating confidence and coordination all at once. This helps the child be hands-free and work their arms and their legs at the same time. As they get stronger and stronger in the water, you can manipulate the device and take off one float until they are down to none!

  1. Goggles*: Speedo Vanquisher You want a true swim brand like Speedo or TYR for a set of goggles that will last and serve its purpose. A good pair will cost $15-$20.(children’s or adult’s). We love these because they have the double strap that will adjust to the backside of the head. Wearing one higher and one lower allows for optimum suction; single strap is not recommended. The mirrored lenses are great for outdoor swimming, as they serve a dual purpose as goggles and sunglasses, 2-in-1.

  1. Swim cap*: Latex swim cap or silicone swim cap is preferred over a lycra cap that will slide off while swimming.  A swim cap is a must for a child who has bangs or longer hair that can be pushed onto their face while swimming. I know what you’re thinking, “My child is not a professional, they are not doing laps, so this is not necessary.” But this is super necessary as it will help them to see well and stay focused in the water during swim lessons and recreationally. AND it will help with keeping their locks less damaged from the sun and chlorine. Win, win!

  1. Disposable Swim diapers: Huggies makes a great one that is stretchy and comfy with your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. You do not want to try a regular diaper in the pool. We’ve seen it happen: they turn into 10+ lbs of diaper that explode, and the tiny absorbency crystals go everywhere and are nearly impossible to pick up. Pool filters don’t do well with these crystals, so if you want your home pool to keep running smoothly, get a swim diaper!

5. Reusable Swim diaper: ALVA makes super cute reusable diapers that are adjustable for infants through 3 years old. They come in several different designs to choose from. The snaps are adjustable as your baby grows and it will save you $$ and help our earth!

6.  Sunscreen: Think Baby makes a great sunscreen! Tons of our campers use this brand and we love it. Steer away from aerosol sunscreens, as both you and your child are inhaling it. This one was top rated by EWG skin deep database with a “1” rating in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 for baby, beach and sport. It is free of biologically harmful chemicals: no avobenzone, oxybenzone, paraben, phthalate, paba and 1,4 dioxane free or UV chemical absorbers. And is water resistant for 80 minutes!

6. Swim shampoo: Babo makes a gentle formula of shampoo and conditioning products that help to keep your little one’s hair hydrated through the chlorine and sun of summer! Another trick I used while swimming in college is to spray leave-in conditioner right before putting on your swim cap to help create a barrier with the water and your locks!

  1. Rash guards: i play makes some great swim shirts that are breathable and made of quick-dry material. They also have a UPF 50+ sun protectant. For swim lessons or swim camp, we recommend this as a top and a pair of separate bottoms. Layering can make your child slippery to hold on to. Two pieces for girls and boys is ideal for potty breaks too! (you’re welcome!)

All these ideas are our own and we have not be paid to recommend any of these items, but sure do hope they are helpful!

Happy Swimming…

~Miss Yvonne

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