Sunday, January 28th, 2018

A Day in the Life of Miss Yvonne Swim CAMP!

At Miss Yvonne Summer Swim Camp we do more than just swim! You have the option of starting your child’s camp day at camp where you have a flexible drop off hour between 7:30-8: 30 am. The other option is having your child join us on the school bus that starts picks-ups in Jersey City at 7:40 am, heads over to Hoboken and then Weehawken.

On Monday mornings we distribute personal equipment to each of the campers that is theirs to keep after their camp time is over with us. They each get a set goggles, Summer swim camp, floatie (Tadpoles only) and a swim bag. We then split up into our small groups, 4 campers to 1 teacher-counselor, and we assess the campers to make sure that they have been signed up for the appropriate swim level. Then We will bump up or bump down accordingly, keep to our 4:1 ratio at all times. We have a 30-minute swim lesson indoors followed by 30 minutes of swim practice. Here we encourage the campers to try different things we’ve just covered during lesson time to grow stronger with their skills in a fun practice environment through games, mini races, etc.

Next we split into separate gender bathrooms to get into dry clothes and get some sunscreen on. These bathrooms are closed off to only Miss Yvonne Swim School during this time. Each bathroom will have at least two Teacher Counselors to assist.

Swimming is hard work and we need fuel! Snack time is in the back garden which is quiet and serene as a large group. We are a peanut-free camp, please help us keep your campers safe. Then, we head over to the fields for sport time. We play a variety of games from catch, to soccer, frisbee or jump rope. If it rains, we transition inside into the basketball courts where the divider comes down and we have the half court all to ourselves.

So much fun- I’m hungry, again! It’s time for lunch! Teacher Counselors eat with the campers outdoors under a gazebo- shaded area on picnic tables. We slow down a bit now to help with digestion and go on our outdoor adventure. Campers will be guided through a wooded area daily where they will learn 3-5 fun facts about something we can find here in nature. We’ve spotted owls, turtles and caterpillars.

Next, as a group we head indoors into the multi-purpose room for Arts & Crafts and some air-conditioning! We will guide the campers through a multi-step activity where they use their creative abilities and make something unique.

I want to Swim again! We head over to the pools outdoors in our small groups for another 30 minute swim lesson, followed by a 30 minute practice and then 30 minutes in one of the enrichment areas as a group. Mondays we enjoy the Pirate Ship where the campers love to explore through creative play. Tuesdays we head over to the water slide where Miss Yvonne is always at the top encouraging all campers to give it a go at least once and a Teacher Counselor is at the bottom to catch the camper.

Wednesdays we venture over the rock wall where a Teacher Counselor is always in the water as each camper climbs, one at a time, and the only way down is jump off the rock wall into the pool! Thursdays is diving board day where Miss Yvonne helps each camper up onto the diving board and jump off into the pool where a Teacher Counselor will catch them, and all campers are cheered on to have at least one JUMP! Fridays are for free play so campers may return to their favorite enrichment area with 1-2 Teacher Counselors.

Last, we head back over into the separate gender bathrooms to get into dry clothes and head out for the day. Parents/guardians may pick up at this time, 4pm sharp. Campers hop back on the bus at this time to head home, but not without a snack! These busy campers need more fuel! Our return bus stops are Weehawken, Hoboken and then Jersey City and you can track our bus on the Play Trax app on your smartphone. More about this fun feature in an upcoming blog post!

Happy Swimming

~Miss Yvonne ..

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