Saturday, March 21st, 2020

Recreate Your Favorite Travel Spot

Y’all! It’s Fri-YAY! We made it through the first week. Give yourself a high five, your partner, your child, your dog, your image in the mirror (Did you watch that guy cheers-ing himself in the mirror on social?! 😀 )

For today’s tips and tricks, we teamed up with Colleen, a travel consultant from It’s a Wonderful Trip and while we were sharing stories about funner times that are behind us, we came up with this idea! 


Ready for a fun weekend project?! We are ready for it and to look forward to where our minds can take us. Love to draw or paint? What about your kiddos, do they? Make it a family affair! 

Here’s your tip list:

1. Go through old vacation photos and find your favorite one. Where do your/ your family love vacationing to? OR go online and find a photo of a dream destination you haven’t yet gone to on the internet. (Maybe it’s a dream gal-only-vacay, think self-care, with other momma’s and leaving everyone behind for a night or a weekend getaway after all this! Ha!)

2. Draw and paint your own interpretation of that photo draw, past or future! 

3. After you finish your drawings & paintings, post your artwork in the comments below or on your social stories and tag us @missyvonneswimschool. This will give everyone an opportunity to enjoy a gallery full of artwork that inspires the dream of travel! 

Looking so forward to seeing both parents and children’s artwork to brighten our days while we are staying indoors.  Not looking for perfection, just inspiration!

If you need a photo to get you started, here’s Miss Yvonne’s- Aruba this past Jan! Being a swim instructor, you know her favorite vacation spot would include a beautiful beach.

More of a touristy type of traveler? Here’s Colleen with her fav spot in Ireland! 

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