Sunday, January 28th, 2018

Camper to Teacher Counselor Ratio

At Miss Yvonne Swim Camp one of the things we stand by is personalized attention! Swimming can be a daunting skill to learn and the swimmer should have a lot of one-on-one attention to soar. Whether the swimmer is a beginner, intermediate or advanced, having a lot of teacher time is key. We stand behind our 4 to 1 camper to Teacher Counselor ratio during  Private swim lesson. We carefully schedule Teacher Counselors in accordance to our camp needs for each week.

Who are your Teacher Counselors and what do they do? Our team is made up of Teacher Counselors. The ladies and gentleman on our team are school teachers during the school year; there are no high schooler or college student staff at Miss Yvonne Swim School. Our Teacher Counselors have gone through a detailed training program to shadow a similar teaching style to Miss Yvonne. Teacher Counselors love working with our campers and we have many that have returned year after year. The Director Assistant and Miss Yvonne are constantly monitoring during swim lessons and swim practice time.  however a Teacher Counselor needs support or a camper needs 1:1 attention, we are there to jump in!

Happy Swimming
~Miss Yvonne

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