Monday, March 23rd, 2020

MYSS Virtual Tutoring: Help us Help you!

YOU: Parent that needs to work done, get on calls and meetings 

WE: Want to help and need work! 

SOLUTION: Let is virtually tutor your child!

Available by appointment for your scheduled calls/meetings over FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts or Zoom. 

We hear you and know you need help. Let’s set up some time to tutor your child. For as long or as a short as you need. We are all licensed school teachers, ready to help! 

We recently saw the viral video going around of a newscaster trying to teleconference in for work and his toddler and baby busting into the background on a live interview, followed by the mom chasing after the children. In case you missed it, it’s here:

We want to help this not be you! But we know the reality is that this was you last week. We are here to help!

We also know that being a home-based teacher for your child may not be your expertise, or you may not be able to assist as much as you’d like. This is what we do for a living; although a little pivoted from the in-real-time-interaction in the in-person classroom, but we’ve got this! We won’t let your child fall behind. Let us do what we love to do! 

Our team of MYSS Teacher Counselors are licensed teachers (Pre-K through Grade 12) and we can match you up with the right teacher-tutor for your child. Show your #smallbusinesssupport by using our MYSS Virtual Tutoring service and working together with us!

Questions? Comment? Send us a message! 

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