Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

MYSS Virtual Spring Break Camp – Why is it good for parents?

Do you feel like:

  • I’m working for home and I can’t be homeschooling!
  • I’m going bananas being a stay at home parent and need structure!
  • Weekends are extra hard without schoolwork to keep us going, and giving us something to do! 
  • We are going to have the longest weekend, staycation, Spring Break of our lives! 
  • I’m worried about going outside to moving our bodies and get our exercise out there! 

We’ve got the solution for you! At MYSS Spring Break Virtual Camp we will have the structure that will keep you sane, keep your kiddos happy, moving, entertained and excited about being home.

And don’t worry about missing a session, they will all be recorded and sent to you to get to it when you can. This way you will use the materials on your own time and get to enjoy our session at your convenience! 

Hurry! Registration closes the Wed before the following week’s session! 

Questions: email us

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