Friday, March 20th, 2020

5 Holistic Things That You Can do to Keep Our Family Happy and Relaxed

Now more than ever, we are all wanting to keep our kids safe, healthy and happy. In this time of uncertainty, having the know-how to keep the family safe, healthy, and happy is one of the things we can do to feel in control and that we’re contributing to the family’s well being. We teamed up with Heather, a chemical-free lifestyle educator from Holistic Lifestyle + Wellness, to bring you today’s tips and tricks.

1. Make sleep a priority

Regular routines and bedtimes allow the body to regenerate and heal. Remember our post earlier this week about staying on a schedule for adults and children? That’s key to having a smooth bedtime routine. Kids may be having trouble settling down (and us too!). A calming essential oil blend can be diffused or massaged in for a soothing slumber routine. Lavender is always a favorite or Young Living’s Peace & Calming or Stress Away, to settle racing minds.

2. Get Good Gut Health

Did you know that gut is packed with some 60 to 70 percent of the body’s immune cells, meaning it functions as the immune system’s “control tower” while still serving as a digestive organ? Taking a high-quality probiotic or prebiotic daily keeps the good friendly bacteria in the digestive tract which may crowd out invading germs. Food such a kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha are also excellent pre and probiotic foods. 

3. Immune Support with Essential Oils

There are thousands of essential oil uses, from sleep support to immune system support. Our recommendation, use one with exceptional quality. Use them in a diffuser, apply topically and in supplement form for yourself and for the kids. 

IMMUNITY ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND RECIPE: Young Living Thieves oil roll-on is a go-to when using the Young Living brand because it is a great blend of 5 oils that boost the immune system. It includes lemon essential oil, as well as eucalyptus essential oil, and rosemary.

4. Keep it Moving

As we find ourselves spending time in social distancing – it is still a good idea to keep things moving. Dancing, walking the dogs, taking a lap around the block or even going up and down the stairs will keep your energy up and shake out the sillies at the same time. Grab that play list and go for 30 minutes of activity if possible (keeping your social distance of course!).

5. Stay Hydrated!

Even if your little fish not in the pool  with us at Miss Yvonne Swim School, doesn’t mean that they need to stay away from water – on the contrary! Keeping ourselves and our kids hydrated with clean water is key and will help keep the body functioning. Half of our body weight in ounces is recommended for optimal health. Find water boring? Try squeezing fresh lemon juice or slice cucumbers to keep the water refreshing and tasty without unwanted calories. Hydration is key to keeping those little swimmers healthy and ready for their next swim adventures at MYSS!



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