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Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Happy Swimming…

Happy Swimming is one of our core values at  Miss Yvonne Swim Camp. Swimming can be extremely fearful for a non-swimmer. I remember I was there- taking swim lessons at 14 years-old with tears in my eyes, a knot in my stomach and ZERO relaxation. Since I learned so late in life, it is still very vivid all these years later, which is why teaching swimming has been one of my life’s missions.

My philosophy on swimming is that it’s a two-fold process. 50% coordination and 50% confidence is what we believe it takes to become a strong, safe swimmer. When coupled with a positive, happy learning environment, a swimmer can feel safe, secure and have fun in the water!

Coordination and gross motor skills get stronger with age. Doing multiple things at once is achieved with repetition and practice (why we have swim practice twice per day at Swim Camp!). We are obsessed with the progressive learn to swim device (all Tadpole-level campers receive) which is a strap that clips in the front of the chest and has four pads on the backside and nothing on the arms or chest. It lets the swimmer move through the water well while moving arms and legs at the same time and keeping their face in the water.

Confidence is a bit trickier, but we’ve found a great solution: the floats! Because the float is on the backside, it gives the swimmer a diagonal stance in the water which helps muscle memory and horizontal position in the water is ideal. As the swimmer becomes stronger, we take off one floatie. Campers get so excited when we take them off and ask to take of certain colors as they are progressing. We give one to all our Tadpoles that is theirs to keep after our camp time together is over. This is an AMAZING confidence booster!

At Miss Yvonne Swim Camp, campers are having swim lessons twice daily. Which sets them up for great success in achieving goals at a fast pace. Whether the child needs help in both areas of confidence and coordination, or just one, Miss Yvonne Swim Camp is the perfect option! We have seen huge breakthroughs with campers who join us at camp. They are getting 10 swim lessons in a one-week time span. This is the best way to immerse them in swimming confidently and safely!

Can’t join us for camp? We suggest private lessons at least 1x/week. If you’re able to accommodate more than one lesson, we advise you double or triple up. Consistency is key to learning to swim, so make sure you keep your child in swimming lessons year round!

Happy Swimming…

~Miss Yvonne

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