Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Expressing Gratitude: Say Thank You!

With everything that is going on right now, I would like you to take a moment to stop and show gratefulness. It can be as quick as a smile, a text/call or as timely as a coloring in and hand writing a note. We created a downloadable printable template here for you to use. Brighten up the day of those around you. Take some time with your child and say thank you to the people working at the grocery store, the pharmacy, making your cup of coffee, the teachers who are sending you virtual assignments (so you are not sending your children to school until July), or anyone else in your life. We hope you enjoy this and put it to good use!

I LOVE writing thank you notes! It’s one of my ‘things’. But getting to it and actually honkering down and writing them, is so ‘not’ my thing. I don’t love getting words to paper, and I don’t feel like I use my words properly. It’s never been a strength of mine. But what I do LOVE is the feeling it gives me that I get to share my thoughts, feelings and love with the person I’m writing it for.  I also love the reaction I get from the person I’ve written to. What’s even more special is when I send it snail mail.  I strategically place it in their home bag and they reach for it unexpectedly because I know it’s brightened up their day.

Without further ado, THANK YOU to everyone who made it out Somewhere Over the Rainbow Open House two weeks ago as an organizer, leader, helper for the day, or attendee.

First, I’d like to thank my parents: Mami & Papi, I know that I am making you proud every single day even though my big, audacious dreams scare the bananas out of you. I know that your parents only wanted the best for you and your future (AKA my brother and I and future generations) when they made the decision to flee the communist government in our homeland. I have the freedom to live my American Dream because of my grandparents and the decisions you both have made that have enabled the opportunities I have today. Thanks for listening and being (scaredly) excited (I know you can’t help it!) every step of the way while I work endlessly to unfold this particular event and all things having to do with MYSS. And for your presence in the day off, I need as many hands-on deck as possible, it’s a family affair! <3

To my Circle: You all mean the world to me. Without you this event and MYSS Camps wouldn’t happen. When I hit the limit of how many students I could team swimming to every day, I never even fathomed the idea of having such an incredible team that follow through with my vision and helps to turn it into a reality. I am able to reach more children and have them become strong, safe, confident swimmers because of you. From the Starbucks meetings to set up the activities for the day, to planning for the year ahead in our annual training, to the virtual guru making things prettier from afar, to the helpers who assisted with the day-of activities, and even those who were not able to be present but listened in person and over the phone to the wheels turning in my head- Thank You, SO, SO much! When I write in my journal every morning, I write my 10 dreams and one that’s a constant is “I have an exceptional group of people who surround me.” And that’s each and every one of you! <3

To the Attendees: Thank you for giving us, a small business with huge dreams and goals a chance. When you choose to work with us, you are choosing to work with school teachers who have summers off and are not getting a paycheck throughout the time. Yes, our passion is working with kids.  This is a job that does give us so many warms and fuzzies, and it fills our hearts, but we need you and your children to keep the ball rolling within our own lives. We put tons of time and effort into making this event come to life and making every single day of MYSS Camp come to life. We hope that we gave you an enjoyable, educational and information-filled afternoon, thank you for taking the time from your busy lives and choosing to spend some of it with us! <3

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