Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Tip: Try something NEW – DJ Play that Funky Music!

Try something NEW- DJ Play that Funky Music! 

If you do one thing every day, it should be to move your body! It is clinically proven – when our body is in motion, it changes or emotion. So shake what your momma gave ya! 

We teamed up with Shehnaaz the Founder & Creative Director of Shehnaaz Dance Academy who is bringing us some dance music as a safe haven and means of expression into your home. In these difficult times, we want to keep the love of dance alive in our homes. Or experience some new music that you haven’t heard before! 

Here’s a YouTube playlist of their favorite tunes to get us all moving. Our advice: Think happy thoughts, forget the worries, and just move to the music! 

SDA BollyHIIT Playlist  (song names listed below):

1. Coca Cola

2. Cutie Pie

3. Badri Kidulhania

4. Gallan Goodiyan

5. Subah Hone Na De

6. Jai Jai Shiv Shankar

7. Haan Main Galat

8. Aankh Maare

9. Malhari

10. Laila Oh Laila

Here’s a link to one of their favorite class routines. It is simple, easy to follow along and the beats are super catchy. Hope you like it!

SDA’s teachers are working remotely to create dance tutorials, so we can all enjoy a fun learning experience in our homes. Additionally, they are conducting virtual sessions for adults and for parent-child dancing. They hope to connect people with each other as well as give them a chance to escape the isolation and uncertainty within the world of dance.

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