Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

2019 Recap

Ending 2019 with a pic of my team. Without them I am nothing, and Miss Yvonne Swim School is nothing. I am so humbled to know that I have such a strong backbone that leads my vision and supports the crazy things I ask of them for the good of the “vision”. These are hardworking teachers and working with me is their side-gig because we all know, teaching is a passion but you know, bills.

A decade ago, I never thought, imagined or pictured that this side high school and college hustle would amount to anymore than vacation and sushi money. (It’s def still that! ️).

But it’s SO much more than than that! I have a mission, not just a job, not just a biz, not just a side hustle or a hobby (thanks ex bf, smell ya laters 🏻).

It is my mission, to make sure there aren’t 14 year olds getting themselves into unsafe situations like I did as a teen who didn’t know how to swim and was peer pressured at a pool party to jump in like I did. (Teens, if you’re reading this, you are NOT invincible, danger is real, don’t be me, AND thanks to KS for your life guarding skills and the rescue). Everyday I think about helping children and adults become safe, strong, confident swimmers.

This is a business to impact. Sometimes, I get side tracked by the followers, likes and comments that aren’t what I want them to be and then I find relief in remembering that hundreds of humans are safe, strong and confident around water because of one person. MOI. And that shakes me to my bones. And it makes me keep going.

I see you’re thankfulness feathers at Thanksgiving where your give thanks to MYSS. I see your collage of pics in your toddler’s bedroom where I’m a part of memories that are part of daily conversations. I see your holiday cards where your little ones are getting on the bus to join my camp and you’re sharing that with ALL your loved ones. AND last but certainly not least, equally as
importantly, I see your names in the registration forms as a referral to all your friends. It’s ME who reads each and every one of those forms and makes sure I have all the deets we need and I see the names of RAVING FANS! Thanks for the Likes, Shares, Comments, Reviews and Referrals!

Thank you all for trusting my team and I once again! To my team, to the supportive families and heck, to myself(don’t forget to thank yourselves- y’all are the backbones to SO much that y’all do too🏻). THANK YOU! I’m so glad I’m a part of your memories and I’m so glad you’re a part of mine. On behalf of my team and I, THANK YOU! Thank You for allowing us to be part of your family, whether it be a short time or year after year. It’s so fun to meet, work with and grow with your family in such a close way. We are so excited to continue this passion impact together and can’t wait to see you in the decade ahead!

Happy Swimming…

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