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Swimmer must be able to swim unassisted and without a floatation device to participate in this swim level. At this level, “beginners” skills are already mastered. Students are comfortable swimming independently in the water and will work on good form and rhythmic breathing." Equipment required*

Fall 2017 Group Class Schedule:

​Tadpole: Sat @ 4pm | Sat @ 4:30pm
Starfish: Sat @ 4pm | Sat @ 4:30pm
Infants: Sat  @ 4:30pm
*Other swim levels and additional classes added by request, subject to pool availability

Group Class Package Options:

​6-Pack | $235 | expires 10 weeks after first class
12-Pack | $445 | expires 18 weeks after first class

Required equipment:
Tadpoles equipment: $40(swim bag, floatie, goggles, swim cap)
Starfish equipment: $30(swim bag, goggles, swim cap)
Infants: swimmie diaper, not currently available for sale

To purchase a package, please send us a message at: MissYvonneSwimSchool@gmail.com with your child's class, date, time in the subject line. Thanks! 



Enroll your child in Swim School, which will take place for 13 weeks this year! 2 weeks over Spring Break 3/27 & 4/17 and 11 weeks over the summer stating on 6/26. Choose from 5 different levels to build your child’s current swim level. All levels will have an opportunity to swim 2x per day and practice an additional 2x per day. Children will be given their own personal equipment to keep after camp is over. Swimmers will be taught aquatic safety skills, environment exploration and skills to become strong swimmers with proper form. All swimmers will receive a progress report at the end of each their week’s session. You may sign up for as many weeks as you wish, no minimum. Check out the brochure

Swim Diapers


Goggles for ages 2+

These are the best for outdoors swimming: 
sunglasses and goggles all-in-one

Product recommendations 

Some of Miss Yvonne's favorite items:


"This Infants Swim Class covers a range of skills: learning water safety with your child, how to initiate swimming, developing social skills, and having a fun time with songs! Classes are inspired by a passion for swimming and creativity. Classes are for 5mo-2yrs. Please pre-reserve your spot. Child must be accompanied with ONE caregiver who will also be getting in the water. Both caretaker and swimmer must have swim suits; swimmer must be wearing a swimmie diaper to participate." Ages 5 months thru 2 years.


The swimmer will become acclimated to the water, get comfortable putting face in and jumping in with a submerged face/head. Skills like floating, kicking and bubble blowing are also mastered at this level. Swimmer must be able to swim independently to go onto the next level. At this time, beginner-level safety skills are also being introduced." Ages 2 and up. Equipment required*


 Miss Yvonne is available to help improve you and/or your child's current swimming skills during the week and on the weekends by appointment. This would be one-on-one lesson and you/your child would have her full, undivided attention for the entire class. Lessons are scheduled week to week between you and Miss Yvonne. If you have a pool in your home, myself or one of our skilled instructors can offer concierge services to you as well. You simply pay per class every time that you meet. These lessons are tailored to your specific needs: safety, stroke technique, triathlete training, etc.